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It's a conversation between what is desired on a project and flexibility. Frankly, it is our job to keep that conversation about expectation, goals, and desired outcome going throughout the entirety of each individual project and duration of the ownership of each boat. Each project doesn't necessarily end with the finished product- there is ongoing care that we can do or can be a lifelong resource. We restore boats to an original, preserved state without sacrificing safety in the name of preservation. It may be easier to replace old wood with new wood, but we don't always believe it's necessary. Lake Oswego Boat Company believes in the tradition of boat building and construction. We assemble and hand craft each boat using traditional practices coupled with modern materials. We are pretty sure this is the way that Chris Smith of John Hacker would have done it if they had our access to the modern materials of today.

The Lake Oswego Boat Company brings together more than 50 years of experience in the art of wooden boat restoration, maintenance and knowledge. This business is a labor of love. I serve the needs of the Pacific Northwest classic boater because this industry and my passion for classic boats is second to none. It all started back in the 80's after "On Golden Pond" came out. My father was a woodworker and artist so it wasn't that far off that he bought a boat for us to work on together as a side project. I feel very fortunate to be able to once again work on boats with my father- he moved to Oregon in 2014. The first project we worked on I was in my teens- we learned quickly that there is a process to building and restoring boats and I realized quickly it was a process I truly enjoy. I like all aspects of of this work - the woodworking, wiring engines, hauling them, talking about them and being a stickler for the details in order to provide a historically correct boat at the end. 

I started out working a professional, non boat restoring career and met my wife in the late 90's. Our son was born and I became the stay at home dad. Once he started up school I found extra time on my hands so I started up my true love of working on boats for people. And that leaves me here today. It's not a big business but I can help people in my small community enjoy their old classic boats.