-Supply Sales: 

We know the best supplies to be used on each unique boat and are happy to sell products and supplies if you want to do the work yourself.

-Hauling & Storage

Docking service, Launching and haul-out, trailer storage, and indoor boat storage

-Inspection & Appraisal 

Bring us along to check out a new boat you are interested in to see whether it is priced fairly and up to parr. 

Other Services

Restoration- LO Boat Co. is able to restore boats in all conditions. We do our best to provide a historically correct boat at the end of a restoration without forgoing safety. If the upholstery was originally hand tacked with copper tacks thats what we do. The wiring is correct- the construction methods, the colors, everything.  It may be easier to use staples, stainless steel philips screws and other modern products and techniques but we do it old fashioned and have to say there is something truly cathartic to using a handsaw once in a while and slowing down a little to screw in a slotted screw without slipping and damaging the wood around it.

Owning a Wooden Runabout is not only about having the boat but its about maintaining its integrity, beauty and safety and we know how to do it. We like to keep our boats in tip top shape and ready to use. We develop a relationship with our boat owners and their boats. We offer a variety of services:


-Routine maintenance

-Seasonal maintenance programs (varnish and paint freshening)