Every project begins with a conversation.



     Let's talk. About the outcome you desire, and how we can turn that desire into reality. Whether it's simple maintenance, a new bottom, or a full restoration, we'll listen to your hopes and dreams, expectations and objectives. Along the way, we'll share our knowledge about what we can do to bring your boat to life. With more than 50 years of combined experience in wooden boat restoration and maintenance, there's not much we haven't heard, and very few things we haven't seen.  
     At Lake Oswego Boat Co., we believe in the fundamental traditions of boat building. Simply put, we restore boats to an original, preserved state without sacrificing safety in the name of preservation. It's the only way we work, and we're pretty sure that had they access to today's modern materials, the legendary boat builders, Chris Smith or John Hacker, would have worked this way too. 


It's not work, it's a lifelong passion.


Fred "Hank the Plank" Mayer


     By training, my father was a woodworker and an artist. So in the early 1980's, it didn't seem odd when he brought home a boat he'd purchased, so that we could work on restoring it together. It was an opportunity for a father to share time with his son, and over time, it became a gentle means of passing on his skill, his talent, and ultimately, his love of the craft. That special time with Hank (as he was known), sparked a passion in me that blossomed into a career, and has only grown stronger with time.

     Years passed, and my restoration business began to thrive here in Oregon. And while Hank remained in the Finger Lakes Region of New York running his own successful restoration and brokerage operation, he was there for me always, generously sharing his wealth of knowledge, whenever I sought his counsel. In 2014, we were reunited both personally and professionally, when he pulled up stakes and made the move to Oregon. 

     But in early October, 2017, Hank lost his battle with leukemia. I lost a father, a best friend, and mentor. But I have the great fortune to be the keeper of his craft. Thanks to Hank, it's in my blood now.

- Mike Mayer




There's only one way to do it the right way.



     Regardless of its condition when it arrives in our shop, we'll do our level best to deliver a historically-correct, aesthetically-beautiful restoration on your boat. And, we'll do it without foregoing safety considerations. If the original upholstery was hand-tacked with copper, that's how we'll do it this time too. While it may be easier to use contemporary materials and shortcut craftsmanship, we do it old school at Lake Oswego Boat Co. 
     Okay, sure... we freely admit that it's cathartic to use a handsaw once in a while, and that hand-tightening of slotted screws is its own reward. Yes, it's very satisfying, but it's also the only way we work.
     For a better idea of what I'm talking about, here's a nice little video from my friend, Ross Reaume, who visited the shop recently with his colleagues, Noah and Shawn. Judging by the way they put this together, they understand our ways. Thanks, Ross, for capturing the essence of what we're all about at Lake Oswego Boat Co. 


Care & Maintenance

     Integrity matters. Not just in the way we do business, but in the care and maintenance of your wooden runabout. We're invested in every boat left in our care, and we'll keep yours looking beautiful, and running in tip-top shape.

Care & Maintenance Services include:

  • Repairs

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Seasonal Maintenance Programs (varnish and paint freshening)

  • Winterizing and De-Winterizing.

Beyond Care & Maintenance, we offer a range of additional services:

  • Hauling & Storage

  • Docking Service

  • Launching and Haul-Out

  • Trailer Storage

  • Indoor Boat Storage

  • Inspection & Appraisal

  • Boat Inspection: If you're eyeing a boat purchase, bring us along. We'll assess and inspect if with a trained eye, and provide you with our best estimate of whether or not it's priced fairly.

  • Supplies for the Do-It-Yourselfer: Let us advise, select, and sell you the best products for your project. Our Gel Stains are custom matched to match vintage finishes from many time periods and boat manufacturers, including Chris Craft, Hacker-Craft, Century, and more. 


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