Introducing the Fixed Price Bottom


Take all of the guesswork out of the cost of bottom replacement.

No longer will you say "yes" to a new bottom based on a rough estimate, only to find out that the actual cost for replacement will be much higher. Know what you're getting into before we get into it.


The Lake Oswego Boat Company Fixed Price Bottom System is $1000. per linear foot, and includes the following:

  • Replace inner bottom, outer bottom, and immediate frames.

  • Apply 3M 5200 between inner and outer planks and at all joints.

  • Inner plywood can be scribed on request.

  • Replace up to two full frame stations or four half stations, as needed. Half frames replaced at $250. each, as needed.

  • Remove chine strakes and lower transom board and reattach with 3M 5200. Chine strakes and lower transom boards will be removed and reattached with 5200. This will require stripping, re-plugging, and re-staining these boards. Stain may not be an exact match to the previous stain.

  • All wood gets fastened with stainless steel wood screws and bolts. Silicon bronze screws can be used upon request for an additional charge.

  • All wood gets sealed with Smith's clear penetrating epoxy sealer (CPES)

  • Round head bilge screws installed by on request. Note: Round head bilge screws are not necessary with a new bottom, and are generally used on boats that may be judged.

  • Bilge painted with oil-based paint to original color.

  • Bottom primed with Interlux 2000E barrier coat and painted with the correct color bottom paint

  • Boat strip freshened.

  • One day of hands-on working experience with restorers.


  • Fifty percent deposit due upon drop-off, balance due upon completion.

Additional Charges (Flat)

  • Additional half frames, as needed: $250. each

  • Chine replacement, as needed: $1000. each

  • Keel replacement, as needed: $1500.

  • Stringer replacement, as needed: $1000. each

  • Forefoot replacement, as needed: $500.

  • Silicon Bronze Screws: $500.



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